DSO Berlin - Romantic Evolution

DSO Berlin are at it again in 2016 with Romantic Revolution.

This year we have the pleasure of tackling a remix/reinterpretation of Bruckner's 4th Symphony.

I thought I would create an electronic deconstruction "as a lucid dream" for this years submission and really hope this becomes an annual event as working with the compositions and samples provided is a real challenge and a bit of a fly or die experience.

I wanted the video below to conjure up images of complex mandala's and the subconscious psychology of rorschach ink blot tests in the hope that the end viewer engages in some sort of lucid viewing experience themselves.

Being challenged is a healthy thing. It forces one to think more laterally and creatively in general. The track can be played here on my vimeo page or streamed as audio only via soundcloud.

The competitive side of me really wants to nail a top prize I must confess but creative processes developed whilst working on this are a huge reward in themself.

At the end of the day you put your best foot forward in that moment and let the cards fall where they may.

Please visit DSO Berlin and Romatic Revolution for more details.

Venn Diagram feat. DSO Berlin - Moments de lucidité consciente. from Venn Diagram on Vimeo.