DSO Berlin Finalist Track - Into the new World

Growing up I was always interested in the literary and visual arts playing bass guitar in my formative years with an early eye set on a career in the world of graphic design.

I left a tertiary design course in the late 80's after becoming disillusioned with the conflict between creative pursuits and commerce. In hindsight I probably should have persued a degree in fine art instead but you know what they say about the best laid plans of mice and men.

It wasn't until the advent of late 80's acid house and techno that I found my creative drive again and began to explore concepts of deconstruction via sound art, found sound and visual multimedia.

My manifesto (if any) has always been to compose an 'audio-biography' of will in the face of human adversity and I love using many techniques, from musique concrete to post modern classical structures, serving up an inspirational sonic pallette that is as diverse as it is varied. From Reich to Stockhausen, Cage, Eno, Kraftwerk, Nu jazz, modern futurists and avant garde noise experimentalists I like to explore not only “the art of noise” but the intricate patterns found in seemingly random chaos.

Now officially based in Toronto, Canada, I am signed to the Filter Label, writing composing and remixing under the artist moniker Venn Diagram. It's been busy in Toronto, with remixes completed for Stereospread and UK's Little Birds, 3 albums under the belt and more on the way.

The Duetsches Symphonie Orchestra (DSO Berlin) recently held a Dvorak "Into the New World" remix competition in which I was among the list of selected finalists. Reworking Dvorak was both a challenge and a labour of love as my recently deceased father was a lover of many of his works (especially the 9th Symphony). The official rewards ceremony took place in Berlin @ the DSO on Sunday the 30th of March.

The studio has had a major overhaul in recent months. I was employing the use of 2 x Monomachine SFX60 MkII's, Analog Four, Super Bass Station, Audity 2000, TB3, SH32, K3 and an A5000 sampler.

I am now adopting a less is more approachand with a soon to be added Kilpatrick Audio Modular System, Roland TR8, V-Synth and Integra-7 married with three pieces of Elektron kit. I'd rather have a lazer pointed focus creatively these days and find less is invariably more on many levels.

The change seems to give my sound a slightly dirtier contemporary edge that juxtaposes my love of nujazz and ambience in intriguing ways. Its all about experimentation and embracing mistakes so what stems from this sonic soup could be interesting.

I am still in two minds regarding a future production moniker and am tempted to start creating work under my own name from here on in. Newer material is largely 100% hardware produced (with a DSP DAW based back end) and shows a referencial nod to the influences that have shaped my sound over the years.

I am currently rejigging my studio and soon to begin new audio experiments. I am  focusing on releasing a series of EP's this year (2015) and commence an internship in a downtown studio shortly.

Stay tuned for more.