• It's all a Jitter I tell you.

    Throwing Shade is officially released on Filter Label the 26th of November.

    To celebrate here is a little sneak peak of one of the tracks taken from it (well track No.7 to be exact).

    This is a prime example of what can be achieved with a minimal amount of equipment. I used the Roland TR8, Analog Four and Soniccharge Microtonic for the beats.

    The track utilized one synth for the rest of the track, namely the Roland JD-XA crossover synthesizer.  The sounds are a combination of hybrid analog/digital voicing processed through the internal analog filters and analog synthesis only using audio rate lfo modulations for FM style drones and cross modulated pad sounds. It is a much deeper synth than one would imagine on first viewing and I've found it hugely inspirational to work with.

    There are current plans underway to release a fairly comprehensive sound bank for it in early 2016 featuring a selection of textures, ambiences, drones, pads, bass and effect sounds that one would commonly hear in my music.

    So far I have discovered it has much in common with the voice architecture of the V-Synth, which in many respects was a cross between Roland's much loved JP8000/JP8080 and their older variphrase VP9000 sampling technology.

    The JD-XA marries the best of the D50, JD800 and older analog sounds of synths like the Jupiter-6 with superb hybrid and cross pollinating synthesis concepts in tow. Analog and digital sounds can be layered together, with the digital engine being able to blend into the analog signal path for paraphonic analog filtering, cross modulation and/or ring modulation of the analog oscillators.

    The low frequency oscillators are fast enough for audio rate frequency modulation and each program comprises 4 analog parts (2 analog oscillators each) with a poly stack mode and 4 digital parts (each containing 3 partials with essentially a full synth voice configuration per partial). Add to that two unique TFX, an MFX slot per Analog and Digital part, Vocoder, global Reverb and Chorus/Delay and you begin to get a picture of what a fine sound design tool this synth truly is.

    The rest of Throwing Shade uses the full arsenal of my studio - see a gear list here.

    This album was an utter joy to create. It traces the journey sparked by the death of my father just over 2 years ago to the resolution of grief and finding a new found enthusiasm for all things music related. I hope it gets the wide audience it deserves as the album truly was a labour of love with the opening track featuring contributions by the Deutsches Symphonie-Orchester Berlin.

    Please note the HD version can be streamed directly on Vimeo.