• Lofty idealogs and the death of reason.

    Some random thoughts for the morning.

    As technological advances become greater it seems our empathy, rationale, intellect and compassion get smaller and smaller and smaller. At the very least it seems to be an inversely proportional regression and I am left wondering when and I why we stopped dreaming of and striving for higher ideals.

    There is no embarrassment in failure. I'd rather see an attempt to reach for a lofty ideal and fail than to never try in the first place.

  • Orlando June 2016 - Lines in the Sand

    I came out 30 years ago this year.

    I have never really seen the need to connect my sexuality with my "art". This is who I am and it is something fundamentally more than my sexuality.

    I am a son, brother, friend, uncle, work mate, confidante, husband, artist, sound designer, lover of life and myriad of other things that do not revolve around my sexual identity. It is a small part of what makes me, "ME" but it is not a singularly defining thing.

    This makes me no different to anyone else out there.

    You are and always will be more than your sexuality and should not be judged or denigrated because of your gender, socio-economic status, ethnicity, skin colour, nationality or systems of belief be they religious or otherwise.

    However, yesterday was the line in the sand for me that I refuse to cross. If my being who I am offends you or you "somehow" feel less empathy and sympathy for the people who fell victim to such horrendous acts of hate yesterday in Orlando then please by all means unfollow me here, on Soundcloud, Twitter or other social media we may connect in.

    There is to much hate in the world and until we all learn to appreciate and love the humanity we share in common we are doomed to forever exist in this cycle of hate and sorrow.

    It has to end, it needs to stop. It starts with me, you and everyone else we know.

    We only get one chance on this rock we call Earth. Right now I am starting to wonder how it has all gone so horribly pear shaped. We share the potential for infinite greatness. I truly believe it resides within all of us.So no matter who you are, where you come from or what life you live know this.

    You are human, you are my equal and I love you.