• JD-XA - working on demo's and sound banks.

    JD-XA - working on demo's and sound banks.

    So here is the JD-XA in the flesh.

    It looks much nicer up cloase and personal than expected whilst manual diving is keeping me rather busy as I start work on programming sound banks and creating my first demo for the synth itself.

    The first demo bar drums and one vocal sample will be 100% JD-XA in a Square Pusher "drill'n'bass" vein with ambient overtones and sone lovely pad wok. Hoping to showcase the digital, the nalog and the cross over aspects of the synthesis engine within one piece.

    Having read the manual its probably best to put using and learning it into practice by just diving in and creating music with it. The sonic imprint is hard to describe. It can sound very wooly or beefy and certainly not far oaway from SH-2, 101, Bass Station2 and Intelligel Atlantis territory but is capable of wonderful digital walls of sheen, expressive CS80 like pads and hybrid sounds with the weight and warmth of analog mixed with a little digital fairy dust for shimmer and shine.

    It is a deep synth with lots under the hood including audio rate LFO's , Ring Modulation, Sync, Cross Modulation, the ability to use the Digital synth engine as a Ring Mod and/or Cross Mod source for the Analog Engine or to send the Digital section through the Analog Filters at the same time.

    I have lots more to discover but am enjoying the suer snappy envelopes, TFX, MFX, the additional dry Analog Synth direct outputs and over all integration of avrious concepts into one unified whole.

    Stay posted as there will be lots more to come.