Music Downloads & Demo's

Music Downloads & Demo's

Here is something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue.

This is a selecection of older tracks and oddities spanning the last 15 years or so. Some have never been released and/or seen the light of day and others have been on lesser known releases or composed under older artist monikers.

Play, stream, and enjoy or created your own custom viedoes and upload them to Youtube.

I own publishing & copyright on these peices and offer them in good faith. Offer credit where credit is due on any video's created and so forth with any of these tunes. I'll be digging up more gems from the vault later on in the year with one or two tracks dating back some 15 odd years. 

I want to focus on programing custom kits for the Monomachine, V-Synth patches and doing some extensive sound design work on the Roland JD-XA that I can share from this site with other users of the same equipment. 

There is an awful lot planned for 2016 and hopefully I haven't piled up too much on my plate. That said we all like to get free stuff every once in a while (I know i do) and hope you enjoy some of these pieces. Many of them were born from sonic experiements that bore more substantial fruit on other releases but as we all know the creative process is one that forever changes and needs to be challenged.