Morphology 1.0

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    Ezekiel's Reprise (Venn Diagram vs Kibeja Mix)

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    Miasma (Little Birds Remix)

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    Equinox (Honey Smack Remix)

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    Desolate Sound of Extinction (Biologik Survival Remix)

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    Stereospread - All My Life (Venn Diagram's Vanishing Point Remix)

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    Little Birds - Deosil (Venn Diagram's Ebbe & Flut Mix)

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Morphology 1.0 is a collection of curiosities, original tracks and remixes that tie up the loose ends of the last few years.

With one eye set on the past it manages to hint at the direction of future releases.

I've always wanted to hear how other people would interpret my music. More specifically perhaps, how the nature of their interpretations would integrate and live as entities beside some of my unreleased newer material.

Special thanks to Joseph Carra @ Crystal Mastering and Arovane for the kind words of wisdom.

To Arovane, Joseph Carra @ Crystal Mastering, Kibeja, Little Birds, Honeysmack, Biologik and Stereospread for your support, assistance, remix work and collaboration. It is an honour to know that somewhere out there in the world people connect with my art.

Dedicated to all those who enjoyed and offered there thanks, feedback and support.