2017 is literally whizzing by and this website has been sorely neglected. In the future it will be an amalgam of old and new projects under all my artist monikers at a new web address but I am not ready to migrate everything over just yet.

The new site will incorporate material under my own name Oscar and OMELIC, Phoneme and Venndiagram. For the moment I am working out unifying themes and where the differences lie stylistically between each artist moniker.

I have a lot of audio sketches and demo's under the belt which need to be fleshed out into full formed tracks and have been working on a new remix to for Stereospread. I was lucky enough to be featured along side Martin Nonstatic, Fourth Dimension, Ascension and more on the Synphaera Records 'Starseed' LP at the end of 2016.

Current work has revolved around sound design and patch demo's for Roland's JD-XA with a double set of banks soon to be released via Roland's official Axial site. I've wrapped up a bunch of audio demo's and video clips to accompany the release and will finish of the press blurb this evening.

In the meantime enjoy a taste of Starseed from Synphaera Records official Bandcamp page.