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  • Roland JD-XA Chimera Sound Set Released on Roland's Axial Site Today


    "Chimera is a deep exploration of the unique cross over synthesis engine.

    It contains textural layers and modulations that aim to inspire and enhance your creative ventures. Each patch is a self-contained performance suitable for atmospheres, leads, drones, timbral shifts and sonic beds that can to be used in a broad variety of genres and styles.

    Explore wheel assigned modulations, looping envelope generators, aftertouch and more. Many of the sounds offer dramatic sonic variation over a large key range so explore octaves, tweak filters, and give them time to breathe and evolve. Navigate the pitch stick and various modulation assignments or further tweak to taste.

    Have fun and be inspired. The world is your sonic playground, celebrate it."

    "Vangelis meets the Ensoniq Fizmo" - I could not have asked for a better description. 

    If you like this soundset there are two more available : Modulations Volume 1 & 2