In all reality it would take me a while to list all my influnces. They are wide and varied encompassing many genres, styles and artists. Here's a little selection below of a few that have been 'floating my boat' recently. 

Suffice to say I love anything by David Sylvian, Kate Bush, Bjork, Aux88, Underground Resistance, William Orbit, Oval, Alva Noto, Monolake, Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Bach, Debussy, Satie, David Bowie, Mark Bell, Alva Noto and more.

Sadly it appears Samadhisound will soon be closing up shop and moving on to greener pastures. Such a shame really as their artist roster was truly unique and ground breaking in many ways. Had it not been for the label, I would never have come to know and love the works of artists like Arve Henriksen and Akira Rabelais (to name but a few).

I like to keep up with the output of Flying Lotus, Underground Resistance, Murcof, Sakamoto, Jack Dangers, Tim Simeon, Paul Hartnoll, Arovane, Goldfrapp, Bjork, Kate Bush, Massive Attack, (ghost) and the rather excellent BVdub.

Feel free to browse through the hyperlinks below and see if anything floats your boat.

Samadhisound - home of Sweet Billy Pilgrim, Arve Henriksen, Harold Budd, Thomas Feiner, Jan Bang, Steve Jansen, Akira Rabelais and David Sylvian. An eclectic mix to be sure, but some truly sublime and ephemeral moments to be found amongst this lot. Highly recommended and beautiful to boot.


Warp Records Uk -  Autechre, LFO, Boards of Canada, Brian Eno, Plaid, Maria Calix and Aphex Twin probably need no further introduction; if they do, head on over and explore the more esoteric end of the electronic music spectrum. I really admire this labels vision and ability to stay keenly focused in the face of adversity, they're not for the faint of heart, but well worth the exploration.

Orbital - not a lot I can say about the brothers Hartnoll without coming off as mildly obsequious, so I shall just refrain. From 'The Girl with the Sun in her Head' to 'Transient,'  'Nothing Left' and 'The Box'..... What isn't there to like ?


Beaumont Hannant - a rather nice little blog by Arcocosm on the wonderful music of Beaumont Hannant, who in my humble opinion has been grossly overlooked in favour of the likes of BOC, Plaid, Aphex Twin, Autechre, Mark Bell & Co. Well, worth tracking down and giving him a listen. What have you got to loose ?


Murcof - the wonderful world of Fernando Corona (Barcelona, Spain) is glacial, sweeping and grand. Incorporating some fine minimal electronica and glitchy beats with the superb sweeping emotion of classical music. Hearing this material was a real turning point for me so late in the game as it where. Quite wonderful and deserving of far more attention.


Richard H Kirk - Of 'Cabaret Voltaire' fame and a true synth pioneer if ever there was one. Quite a prolific back catalog too and well worth a look into. Sadly he seems to be much overlooked these days, but I can't underestimate the impact much of his music has had on me over the years. "The Number of Magic" is still to this day a personal favourite of mine.


Nine Horses - Snow Borne Sorrow is still one of my favourite albums in recent years and a superb album indeed. Head on over to Nine Horses dot com and have a listen to the previews I guarantee you they will not disappoint.


The Future Sound of London - from their early releases (the seminal Papua New Guinea) to present day, what more can be said about a band that helped define the blend of esoteric ambience and dance music that many people have enjoyed over the past decade or so. 'Life Forms' and 'Dead Cities' are still two of my favourite electronic releases ever and beautiful works of art in there own right.