This Desolate Sound

The soundtrack to our lives differs greatly to that of world and global events. If the apocalypse starts in the forest and no one is there to hear it happen then what does it really sound like ?

Does it sound like anything at all ?

It's probably a lot like the senseless booty shaking to Minaj & Co that goes on whilst we all dance on a climate change precipice....but I digress.

It would not have been possible without the love and support of many people.

Special thanks to Susan Gourley, David, Peter, Joe Carra @ Crystal Mastering, Elektron for making super inspired tools, James Hopkins, Sara Snyder, Richard, Verg, Tom Pritchard, BLN.FM, AudioSushi, EthericLoopz, Little Birds, Spaces Between, Tripnotic, State Azure, Stereospread, Bunny Brown and so many more I've not mentioned.

To Jan for being the 'desolate voice of extinction' on Everyday is Busy and to Rob for all the critiques, feedback, thoughts and patience hearing this being created over countless hours from start to finish, this release is esepcially for you.

To Mum, Dad, family and friends near and far who have kept the faith, I give many thanks.

The universe is a wonderful expanse of infinite miracles and we are blessed to have you all be part of its wonder. Lastly I dedicate this album to life, the forever constant that fills this infinite void, even when we cease to exist.