Based in Toronto, Canada, I am an electronic composer and found-sound artist working under several artist monikers. Originally an active member and moderator of I've worked as a sound designer for Concrete Fx Kubik 2.0 and Vectrik line of VST & AU instruments and had music released via Filter Label, Sony Classical (via DSO Berlin) and  Synphaera Records ambient compilation Starseed.

My current focus has been on freelance sound design with three JD-XA sound sets (Modulations Vol.1, Vol.2 and Chimera) available on Roland's official Axial Site.

I am currently in the midst of creating a series of new ambient EP's, 3rd party TR-8S sound banks along with a series of Elektron Digitone and Korg Radias patches that will be available via new pages added to this site throughout the year. 

Art, like life, is an ongoing process.