Composition and sound design is all about discovering new processes and forms of expression. Newer work explores the notion that each piece is its own world and a piece of audible art that aims to immerse the listener into a world of visual imagination.

My manifesto (if any) has always been to compose an 'audio-biography' of will in the face of human adversity and I love using many techniques, from musique concrete to post modern classical structures, serving up an inspirational sonic palette that is as diverse as it is varied. 

Officially based in Toronto, Canada, I was signed to Filter Label for 4 years writing composing and remixing under the artist moniker VennDiagram. It's been busy in Toronto, with remixes completed for Stereospread and UK's Little Birds, 3 albums under the belt and more on the way. The label and I have since parted ways and remain good friends, keeping in touch regularly via social media.

The Deutsches Symphonie Orchestra (DSO Berlin) recently held a Dvorak "Into the New World" remix competition in which I was among the list of selected finalists. Reworking Dvorak was both a challenge and a labour of love as my recently deceased father was a lover of many of his works (especially the 9th Symphony). The official awards ceremony took place in Berlin @ the DSO on Sunday the 30th of March 2015. 

Adopting a less is more approach studio wise and going to back to my roots creating compositions that start out as freeform live jams has inspired me greatly this year. Doing so keeps me embedded in the immediacy of the moment and yields results that sound less groomed and polished as a result. The change seems to give my sound a slightly dirtier contemporary edge that juxtaposes my love of experimental electronic music and ambience in intriguing ways. Its all about embracing mistakes so what stems from this sonic soup could be interesting.

Having just wrapped up a new album 'Throwing Shade' I am looking forward to exploring my new found enthusiasm for all things sonically manipulated. Two releases are due soon on compilations with DSO Berlin via Sony Classical and with a selection of ambient auteurs on Synphaera Records.

Stay tuned for more.