Officially based in Toronto, Canada, I am an electronic composer and found sound artist working under several artist monikers.

I was one of the primary moderators for many years and contributed sound banks to Concrete FX Kubik 2.0 on original release, while curating the tips and tricks section of several gear forums in the mid 90's. I work with a selection of hardare and software tools that marry an outside the box aesthetic with an in the box production technique.

It's been a busy few years completing remixes for Stereospread, UK's Little Birds & Spaces Between whilst releasing 3 albums, 1 EP and extra tracks released on 5 separate compilations. Having wrapped up my last LP 'Throwing Shade', I am now looking forward to exploring my enthusiasm for all things sonically manipulated.

Two new releases are out on compilation, one with DSO Berlin via Sony Classical and the other on the California based ambient label Synphaera Records.

Having parted ways with Filter Label I am focused on independent releases as I build up a library of customs patches, samples and sound libraries for future works with my proposed Phoneme and Decal projects.  2 official JD-XA Soundbanks are currently hosted on the Roland Axial Site and i am in the process of programming more.